A text tile with a white background, saying Winter Favourites, Comfort food that nourishes the soul. There is an arrow in the centre, pointing right, the Gomer Sanchez Logo in the bottom right corner and three stripes of green, yellow and coral pink in the top left corner.

Warm things up and nourish your soul with one of these delicious, but simple meals using our Gomer Sanchez Mexican range.

A Jar of Gomer Sanchez Taco Seasoning is half shown in the right of the square tile. Text in the centre reads Taco Stuffed Sweet Potatoes.

Taco stuffed sweet potatoes.

Saute beef mince with Gomer Sanchez Taco Spice, diced onion, capsicum and cherry tomatoes. Fill baked sweet potatoes, top with cheese, sour cream and avocado.

A jar of Gomer Sanchez Mexican seasoning is half visible to the left on a yellow background. Text reads Mexican Cauliflower Rice Bowl.

Mexican Cauliflower Rice Bowl.

Toss cauliflower florets in olive oil, then Gomer Sanchez HOT Taco Spice and roast until golden. Serve with black beans, brown rice, salsa, spring onion and guacamole.

A jar of Gomer Sanchez Nacho Seasoning

Pasta nachos.

Spice up your cheese sauce with Gomer Sanchez Taco Spice, layer cooked pasta with capsicum, red onion, jalapenos and coriander. Top with cheese and bake until golden.