Hops Marinated BBQ Wings


  • 2kg Free Range Chicken Wings
  • 1 Btl Hops BBQ Wing Marinade
  • 2 Tbsp Sea Salt


  • Place the wings into a large mixing bowl, pour over 3/4 of bottle of hops marinade.
  • Set aside remaining marinade for serving.
  • Season wings with salt, massage wings until completely coated.
  • Cover and allow to marinate for 6hrs in the fridge or over night if you have the time.
  • Pre-heat BBQ char grill on high heat.
  • PLace wings on hot grill and cook for approx. 15min. basting and turning every 3min to avoid burning.
  • Caramilisation of the skin provides sweetness of balance. If the wings begin to blacken too much, reduce heat to medium (some charring is ok).
  • To check they’re cooked, cut one of the wings within the thickest parts of the the flesh and examine. Place back on grill if flesh is still pink.
  • Discard unused basting marinade.
  • Place cooked wings onto a large serving platter and drizzle over remaining Hops Marinade (from bottle) and serve with a session ale or homemade lemonade.